Detecting Controversies Early, Before They Spiral

We're on a Mission

While the internet connected millions of individuals, enabling them free speech and sharing of opinions, it also led to misinformation, hate speech and controversies.

Currently, social media is being manipulated and ideas are being spread uncontrollably online.
By using our unique and patented controversy detection tool, we can quickly see where emerging opposing narratives are arising.


With a powerful stance detection algorithm,
we can tell what's important and potentially opinion-shifting before things become viral.


Our aim is to study how ideas spread online in order to make this supercharged human communication more productive and less dangerous, and define a new standard for nuanced community discussions.


Equipped With
a Technological Edge

01 / Controversy
02 / Toxicity                       Monitoring
03 / Reputation                   Analysis

A pioneering algorithm that identifies opposing sentiment on a topic as well as quantifies the amount of disagreement

An NLP framework that monitors the daily level of toxicity of tweets and comments on a given subject or a user profile

A novel ML approach that analyzes the score for reputation based on stance and charts it over time for a given entity

04 / Bot Detection
05 / Web Crawlers

Algorithms that detect bot activity and its correlation with disinformation campaigns through social media

Crawlers that continuously monitor discourse on the most popular social media sites as well as fringe forums where misinformation often originates

06 / Text Processing

Text analysis middleware that efficiently evaluates large flows of data and supports a faster training of models

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