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Make Your Browsing Healthy

While we can't control the trolls of the web, we can make your browsing healthy and safe.
Avoid unwanted content that triggers you or harms your mental health.


How to DETOXIFY your feed?

  • Download the chrome extension, open it and allow the permissions

  • Choose a topic you want to blur from your feed

  • Add associated terms for that topic

  • Choose an emoji to represent the chosen topic. 

  • Press DETOXIFY and the topic will be saved to your chosen topics’ list at the bottom of the page

  • The next time you are browsing, whenever a post mentioning your listed topics appears it will be blurred from your feed and the chosen emoji will appear over the blurred text

DETOXIFY is currently available on Twitter, Reddit, Facebook, Google Search, Google News.
More websites are coming soon


With DETOXIFY chrome extension you can define the topics you wish to avoid by blurring them from your feed.
you can continue with your browsing uninterruptedly.

How does it work?

DETOXIFY scrapes and analyzes your social feed as you browse through one of the supported social media platforms. DETOXIFY performs a keyword search and matching for all the topics a user selected. If one of the keywords of the saved topics is found, DETOXIFY blurs that post and the emoji associated with that topic appears.

Donating your list of topics

As a DETOXIFY user you are welcome to donate your list of blurred topics.
This would improve our understanding of the current controversial topics online, and assist us with suggesting what topics to avoid.


Donating your data requires a minute of your time and doesn’t include any personal data of yours, just the list of the topics you have selected.
We appreciate your help!

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